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    A little bit about me

    My name is Shauna Ireland. I've lived in Greensboro, NC most of my life. After 17 years of working as a letter carrier for the postal service, the Universe decided it had something else in store for me. I've always had a passion for photography but now I'm lucky enough to make that dream a reality along with my love of film. I started pursuing my interest in filmmaking in 2012 through a local arts program. That led me to being a producer and editor for several 48 Hour Film Projects and then onto a year internship with Tigermoth Creative, LLC. I now work full time as a freelance film editor and production assistant. 

    Pricing (print, mat & frame)

    5x7 print in 8x10 frame with mat   $45.00   

    8x10 print in 11x14 frame with mat $75.00

    11x14 print in 16x20 frame with mat $105.00

    12x18 print in 18x24 frame with mat $135.00

    Pricing (prints only)

    5x7 print $7.00

    8x10 print $13.00

    11x14 print $20.00

    12x18 print $28.00

    *please note - size availability differs per image


    Video Editing Services

    I've worked on videos for everything from non-profit, political ads, corporate videos, promotional products, documentary and narrative short films. Please contact me for services and pricing on video production and editing.


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    Shipping is only available for prints and matted photos at this time.

    Pick up and delivery available for Greensboro, NC only.

    Shauna Ireland


    To place an order

    Please email me at shaunac47@gmail.com or call 336-707-0136.